Our kennel, recognized ENCI-FCI, has as its main objective the selection of healthy puppies, with an excellent temperament and well socialized.

Our matings are well studied and aimed at carrying on our idea of whippet, selecting the best bloodlines for morphology and health.


Selecting new families is perhaps one of the most delicate moments in each new litter. We like to be present and guide families in this new experience.

We put a lot of effort into socializing during the first weeks of life, our puppies come into contact with people of any age and all the dogs in our kennel. Each participates in an important way in their training and enriches their wealth of experiences up to the moment of departure.

Usually our puppies leave between 75 and 90 days of life, with the exception of those who will go abroad who stay with us for at least 15 weeks.

The puppies are delivered with regular certified deworming, Microchip, Pedigree ENCI-FCI and complete vaccination cycle (depending on the period of departure).


Our idea of breeding is very far from what the term itself might suggest. Our dogs are our family, they live in our domestic spaces and live together quietly, each with their own character and needs while respecting the others.

Just like in a big family, every day is different from the other and, despite the fact that over time we have managed to create routines that make it easier for us to manage everyone, there are no times or days of rest.

In the following videos a small taste of our days.