Our next litter is planned in september

Sineterra was born from the meeting of two people with a common passion.

Our first whippet arrived in our home in 2015, Firebomb Akemi Golden Arrow (Salma), a sudden, different, delicate and at the same time overwhelming love.

Salma, who died prematurely at the age of two, was the real “foundation bitch” of our project, the one who opened our eyes to what we wanted to be.

Eva made us grow and showed us the direction.

Syrako and Rea a dream imported from Ireland.

Ruriko is movement and power.

Austere and sensitive Dahlia.

Everything that happened after you will find out later …

Sineterra literally means “without land”, “without origins” … this is how we started, from scratch, in a place far from our roots with a race whose origins are still uncertain.

Libero & Andrea

We love greyhounds from day one, and over the years the love for these breeds has been supported by passion and study. Each puppy is a new victory for us and, at the same time, the starting point to improve ourselves.

Because at the base we put love and knowledge



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